Administrative Rule 00-1

August 8, 2000, President's Staff

Rationale: The College has spent considerable funds providing vinyl wall covers which are attractive, easy to clean, and long lasting. Substantial savings accrue over the life of vinyl wall coverings because of its low maintenance. These wall coverings are being destroyed because of the use of pins and tape to hang announcements.

Ruling: This rule applies to the Cheyenne campus hallways, walls, doors and windows.

All fliers or posters advertising events, sales or services must be registered by the student activities office. Once registered, information pieces shall be placed only on designated bulletin boards by the sponsoring individuals/organizations. Materials may not be posted on walls. The various mounting strips located in major hallways are to be used only for posters (11x17 or larger) from college departments or student organizations with prior approval by student activities. Custodial and student activities personnel will remove and dispose of any outdated materials or materials found to be in violation of this rule.