At LCCC, academic advising is an integral part of learning. The advising partnership between advisor and student is a continuous, interactive process that empowers students to make informed decisions and facilitates the achievement of academic, career and personal goals.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the advising process that students should follow. All new students are required to work with an advisor prior to their initial registration. All degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with their advisors each term prior to registration.




  1. Faculty or Program Area Advisor – Faculty who provide academic advising as part of their contracted duties.
  2. Degree-seeking students – Students whose educational goal is to earn an associate’s degree, certificate or other degree from an institution of higher education (generally, but not always, from LCCC).


  1. New students are required to meet with an academic advisor for assistance with advising and registration their first semester at LCCC.
    1. Students are required to meet with advisors prior to registration.
    2. In this contact, students are shown the degree requirements for their programs of study; shown how their placement scores or other placement data meet those degree requirements; and are assisted with appropriate course selection and introduced to broader academic/career topics for their first semester of attendance at LCCC. Other topics may be covered as necessary.
  2. After the first semester, students in declared majors are encouraged to meet with Faculty or Program Area Advisors.
    1. Students who are General Studies majors or pre-nursing majors continue their advising with Academic Advisors in the Advising Center.
      1. a. Pre-nursing students who have met the basic nursing program prerequisites will be referred to the Nursing program advisors.
  3. Students who are on academic suspension are required to meet with advisors in the Advising Center prior to subsequent registration, as stated in the policy/procedure for academic probation and suspension.
    1. Students in good academic standing are not required to meet with advisors after the first semester, but are encouraged to do so.
    2. Students on financial aid suspension and in need of an academic plan for their appeal packet must meet with their assigned Academic Advisor.
  4. Methods of interaction
    1. Students may meet with Faculty, Program or Academic Advisors either in person or online, using the designated student LCCC email account.
    2. When meeting in person, Advisors will verify the student’s identity by requiring either a valid ID card or using the blue sheet given to the student by the Testing Center.
    3. Identity is assumed when a student uses his/her student email account. Requests for personal information or file changes (such as add/drops or enrollment) will not be accepted from any other email account.