SUBJECT - Campus Security


DATE - 12/1/92







1. Introduction


The mission of the Security Office is to provide a safe and secure environment on campus for all students, employees, and visitors. To accomplish this, the Security Office enforces college rules and policies and provides assistance as outlined below. Each employee of the Security Office must earn a positive evaluation on the MMPI and a background check with DCI.


2. The Role of the Security Office


The Security Office:


A. Provides assistance to students, employees and visitors.

B. Provides referral emergency services for ill, injured, or handicapped persons. C. Documents any crime, accident or incident on campus or authorized campus sites where students, college personnel or equipment are located.

D. All student incidents will be reported to the Vice President of Student Services.

E. Provides physical security for the entire campus through foot and motor patrols, and conducts regular security checks on all buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

F. Enforces campus parking and traffic rules.

G. Conducts ongoing safety and fire inspections and assists in correcting problems. H. Monitors campus activities and coordinates information to proper campus administrators.

I. Informs employees and students about services offered by the Security Office.


NOTE: Please see Procedure No. 8007 for information in case of bomb threats, Procedure No. 8008 for natural disasters and other emergencies.


3. Campus Duties


The Security Officer performs the following duties:


A. Responds to crimes/incidents and writes incident reports.

Responds to and documents in writing all campus crimes, accidents, thefts, and other reportable incidents. The Sheriffs Office will be notified immediately in the event of any crime.

B. Emergency services

Assures that emergency assistance has been obtained for anyone injured or who becomes ill on campus and will assist emergency services who are summoned to perform services on campus.

C. Campus motor patrol

Assists motorists, enforces campus parking and traffic rules, and conducts general motor patrolling.

D. Campus foot patrol

Conducts selective patrol of the campus on foot, including frequent checks of high risk areas and spot checks of college equipment.

E. Administrative duties

Provides supervision of part-time and contract employees who are working in the security area.

F. Safety and Security Education

Provide or assist with safety and security training education for student residents and the campus community.

G. Miscellaneous

Provides assistance by unlocking doors when necessary for campus classes and activities, patrol off campus sites and provide services there as needed, maintains the security coverage necessary for holidays, special events, and weekends, and performs other duties as assigned.


4. Student Registration Day Duties


The Security Office will coordinate all security activities during student registration, including:


A. Providing armed security personnel from the sheriffs office during the hours of registration, and

B. Providing security to and from the bank for monies used in the registration process.


5. Student Work-Study and Campus Employment Program


A. Student Security Officers are recruited and trained to assist with the tasks of campus security. The students selected are carefully screened to assure they understand the mission of the campus Security Office.

B. Student Security Officers will be trained to practice good human relations skills with the campus population, supplement the Security Office with foot and motor patrols, provide assistance to all persons on campus, and assist in campus security, parking control, safety practices, building security, and fire prevention.

C. Student Security Officers report directly to the Security Manager.


6. Courtesy Vehicles


A. The Security courtesy vehicle is operated by security personnel on official business. Security personnel must have a valid Wyoming driver's license and have on file an approved Laramie County Community College Driver Information form.

B. The courtesy vehicle is used primarily for the patrol of the campus grounds. However, security checks and/or calls for assistance will be answered at the site of any college activity.

C. All calls on and off campus will be answered as quickly as possible. While responding to calls, the security vehicle will be operated in a safe manner and all traffic laws will be obeyed.


Theft Reports



If there is suspicion that college property has been stolen, the following steps will be taken by the college employee who makes the discovery:


A. If a forced entry has been made to a door, a desk, a cabinet, etc., protect the incident scene and immediately notify the Security Office or security pager.

B. If there is no forced entry:

1) Check the immediate area to determine if the item has merely been moved and is still in the general area.

2) Call the division secretary or appropriate department employee, who maintains the equipment check-out list, to determine whether the item has been borrowed by a student, an employee, or another division.

3) Ask employees working in the area if they have seen the missing item or know its location.

4) Call the appropriate campus repair person to determine whether the missing item has been removed for repairs.

C. On determining that the item is definitely missing, notify the Security Office or security pager and provide a complete description of the item, including the following information to the extent possible:

1) Manufacturer

2) Model and model number

3) Factory serial number

4) LCCC inventory number

5) Any distinguishing marks, item color, etc.

6) Picture/photograph of the item

7) Any additional useful information

D. The incident will be assigned an administrative file number by the Security Officer.




A. The Security Officer will respond to the scene and help verify that the item(s) is (are) missing.

B. If the item cannot be found, the Security Officer will gather the facts concerning the theft and complete an incident report.

C. The Security Officer will assign a file number and distribute the report to the Vice President of Business Services for insurance purposes and, if appropriate, to the Laramie County Sheriffs Office.

D. If the value of the missing item is more than $500 a copy of the incident report will be forwarded to the Sheriffs Office within 48 hours.

E. A list of missing items individually valued at less than $500 each will be given to the Sheriffs Office every 30 days.

F. The Security Officer will follow up with an investigation.




A. If a forced entry has been made, protect the incident scene and immediately notify the Security Office or security pager.

B. If there is no forced entry:

1)  Check the immediate area for the missing item.

2)  Ask fellow employees if they have seen the missing item.

C. If the item missing is in fact determined to have been stolen:

1) Notify the Security Office or security pager. The Security Officer will record the incident and assign an administrative file number to the report.

2) Notify the Sheriffs Office of the theft. The person should also notify his/her insurance company and, if a wallet or purse was stolen, notify banks and credit card companies.


8. Incident Reports


A. Incident reports will be prepared on all crimes, personal injuries. acts of vandalism, damage to college property, serious interpersonal confrontations, and other incidents for which a permanent record is desirable.

B. Notify the Security Office immediately when an incident occurs or security pager.


The Security Officer will record the incident as follows:


1) The Security Officer will gather facts concerning the incident and complete the report.

2) The Security Officer will assign an administrative file number to the report.

3) The report will be distributed to the Vice President of Business Services and, if appropriate, to other college administrators.

4) The Security Officer will follow up with an investigation of the incident if appropriate.

5) A copy of the incident report will be forwarded to the Sheriffs Office if appropriate.

C. Suspicious activities and/or person(s) will be reported.

1) A suspicious activity or person on campus should be reported to Security immediately or security pager. The Security Officer will investigate and take the appropriate action.

2) The suspected/alleged unauthorized removal of college property from the campus should be reported to Security immediately or security pager.

a) If possible, obtain a vehicle license number and try to identify the person involved.

b) The Security Officer will confirm the unauthorized removal of campus property through administrative checking and follow-up.

3) The abuse of college property or equipment should be reported to Security immediately or security pager.

a) The Security Officer will record such abuse and advise the appropriate supervisor.

D. Security or emergency assistance and other campus services provided after hours and on weekends.

1)  Call weekend campus security or the security pager.

2) Call Laramie County Sheriffs Office for emergency services, or 911 for all emergencies.


9. Traffic and Parking Regulations


Traffic and parking regulations apply to all students, visitors, and employees of the college.


A. Regulations shall be enforced at all times.

B. Absolutely no parking is permitted at any time:

(a) within 15 feet on either side of a fire hydrant

(b) in yellow zoned areas

(c) in service drives

(d) in marked pedestrian crosswalks and

(e) in handicapped spaces unless a proper permit is displayed.

C. The campus speed limit is 15 m.p.h. in all parking lots, and 25 m.p.h. on the north and south access roads.

D. The college will not be responsible for any theft or accident occurring to vehicles on college property. Persons using college parking facilities do so at their own risk.

E. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

F. Parking privileges in handicapped parking zones are restricted to vehicles

displaying current Wyoming State Disabled and Handicapped permits (white wheelchair on blue background).

G. Temporary handicapped permits may be obtained at the Security Office, but are valid only on college property.

H. Parking privileges in visitor parking zones are restricted to bona fide campus visitors.

I. Students are subject to the LCCC Traffic and Parking Regulations upon enrollment at LCCC.

J. Violators of parking regulations will receive one warning. Thereafter, a wheel lock will be placed on cars parked illegally and a fine will be assessed. Arrangements to pay the fine must be made with the campus Security Office before the wheel lock will be removed.

K. Any fine shall constitute a debt owed to the college. Outstanding fines shall be cause for withholding grades, transcripts, further registration, and graduation     until the fee is paid. Individuals who feel that the fine was inappropriate should contact the Vice President of Business Services. Individuals who feel that withholding of grades, transcripts, and further registration would cause undue hardship should contact the appropriate vice‑president.


10. Medical Emergencies


In the evens of a medical emergency, call 911 first to summon assistance. Call the Security Office or security pager upon completing the call to 911.