SUBJECT - Grants Management


DATE -10/4/89

NUMBER – 8004



1. Introduction


The purpose of this procedure is to provide employees with information on grants.


This includes:


A. the development and submission of proposals for funding;

B. the administrative and fiscal responsibilities of the project director; and

C. the services provided by the college to the project director to ensure effective management of contracts and grants.


The college has established a grant funding function within the office of the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services to facilitate the process of searching for, securing and managing external funds to support college goals and programs.


As sources of funds for specific programs are identified and the decision is made to submit a grant by the college, a project director is named by the appropriate division director in consultation with the appropriate dean and the President. The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services and the project director are then responsible for preparation of the proposal for submission to the funding agency. Prior to submission, the proposal must be submitted to the appropriate dean for review of the program, amount and sources of any institutional commitment of funds, and a general evaluation of the budget.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services serves as a facilitator in the development of ideas and institutional resources, assists faculty and staff members with the technical requirements of proposal writing and project management, and maintains contact with the funding agencies.


2. Submitting a Proposal


The flow chart which follows is divided into three separate columns. On the left is a time line which provides a guideline for each function. The middle section describes the actions to be taken. The right hand section is a narrative description of what is actually happening at any

given time in the development of the proposal.




It should be noted that, as with any flow chart, the time line and the lines of flow are intended as general guidelines. The time line will probably be different for each proposal submitted and should be seen as having a considerable amount of flexibility. The lines of flow should not discourage interaction between individuals within the institution which can provide expertise and lend assistance to the proposal process.





A need is found in the community or college for a program, class or activity which cannot be financed through the existing budget.


The need may come from the  faculty or students through  their respective division or  come from the President's Staff.


The Instructional Advisory Council examines the need in terms of the educational parameters‑philosophy, college mission statement, college and division goals, and makes recommendations to the President's Staff.


The President's Staff gives its approval and contacts the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services who will coordinate with the appropriate division.


Division will appoint or hire a technical writer.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services writes for guidelines and makes initial contact with the funding agency.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services and the Technical Writer meet for strategy and assign, responsibilities. Format is developed.


Assistant to the Dean of

Business Services Develops demographic data.

Obtains letters of support.

Proposal is Developed Builds rapport with funding agency.

Contacts National Council for

Resource Development for pro­posals that have been funded Three in the past and for expertise.

Months Develops budget and budget




Technical Writer

Develops technical data:


Goals & Objectives

Time Line


Develops personnel needs,

equipment needs, travel

needs, other needs


Proposal is Reviewed

One Proposal is reviewed with the

Week appropriate dean, Assistant to

the Dean of Business Services

and division head.


3. Services Provided by the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services provides assistance in the preparation of the proposal by obtaining a Request for Proposal from the funding agency, provides assistance with a funding strategy,, provides demographic data for the proposal narrative, provides help with the development of budget and assembles and submits the final proposal to the funding agency.


Once the college receives notice that the proposal is funded or not funded, the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services does the following:





4. After the Proposal is Funded


After the proposal is funded, time must be spent on the administrative details of a grant or contract. Generally there are guidelines

-- established by the granting agencies and a number of forms to be

completed. The college's goal is to minimize time diverted from the project while complying with contractual, regulatory, and statutory provisions. To this end, information and assistance is available from the office of the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services, the Accounting Services office and other college administrative offices.


5. Administration of Grants and Contracts




After the project director has been notified that the proposal has been funded, please meet with the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services to receive information on the special aspects of the grant or contract.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services will initiate a request for an account number from the Accounting Services office for each grant or contract. In addition, procedures will be established for project expenditure accounting as directed in the Grant Award Letter or contract; that is, which line items will be used to properly account for the project.


The project director initiates, through the respective division director and the Dean of Instruction, and the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services approves all direct charges to the project. Together, check the monthly computer printouts of expenditures to determine their accuracy and completeness. The budget as established by the grantor agency is analogous to a separate bank account opened for the project. The project director may draw against it for the duration of the project.




In the course of directing the program, the project director will come in contact with several college offices including Personnel, Assistant to the Dean of Business Services, Business Records, Audio Visual and Plant Maintenance. Each of these administrative areas is service‑oriented and is interested in helping manage the project with a minimum of time spent on administrative details. To that end, comments and recommendations are a valuable guide to growth and improvement in handling and processing federal, State and privately‑sponsored activities. at the college.


A. Personnel


If personnel are authorized by the program the Director of Personnel must be notified and college policies must be followed precisely in all personnel activities. (See Laramie County Community College personnel policies.)


No one should be hired until funds for the project have been committed by the funding agency with a grant award letter or signed contract.


B. Assistant to the Dean of Business Services


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services will act as the final approval authority for expenditures. The approval of supplies and payroll expenditures depends on the statutes which govern the funding source and whether or not it is consistent with college policies and procedures.


All purchase requests are processed through the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services. Obligations against the grant or contract funds are processed as if state appropriated funds are being expended. Therefore, Laramie County Community College purchasing procedures will apply when commodities and/or services are contracted for using grant or contract funds.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services will issue the project director a detailed monthly financial report. It will show the income and expenditures of project funds and reflect the information shown on the college's official accounting records. The project director must check the accuracy of the month‑end reports to make sure expenses have been posted to the proper account. For example, the project director may have several projects and inadvertently charge an expenditure to the wrong account. A review of the computer report would reveal this and a correction can be made promptly so that both programs would reflect the proper account balances. The final project report must agree with the official college records. Accurate and timely financial reports significantly influence decisions by the funding agency to fund the project again.


The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services works closely with the Accounting Services office and is the contact point for making changes to the financial report. The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services will assist in interpreting the report and will help determine the appropriate figures for reports to be made. The Assistant to the Dean of Business Services will periodically review the financial reports and call attention to any problem areas. Questions about accounting for the program should be directed to the Assistant to the Dean of Business Services.


C. Audio Visual


The services of the Audio Visual Department can be requested with a properly executed Audio Visual form. Please refer to the Audio Visual handbook.


D. Records and Admissions


The project director should arrange for the admission, registration and credit of participants in grant courses or workshops with the Director of Student Records, as appropriate.


E. Physical Plant


If facilities need to be identified, secured or remodeled, this should be discussed in detail with the Dean of Business Services prior to, submitting the proposal. The Director of Physical Plant will assist the project director once the proposal is funded.