SUBJECT - Vehicle Maintenance


DATE - 12/15/89



1. Introduction


The functions of the vehicle maintenance department include storing, cleaning, servicing, and repairing the college fleet vehicles and rolling stock.


2. Vehicle Pickup and Return


Upon completing the steps necessary to check out a college vehicle, take the keys to the Plant Maintenance building, east entrance, to pick it up. Vehicles are stored inside and will be ready at the assigned time.


At the completion of a trip, return the car to the garage. Remove any refuse inside the car and put it in a trash can. If returning after hours, use the garage door opener located on or near the visor in the car to open the vehicle maintenance garage door on the east side of the building. Park the car inside in a stall, not in the aisle. Close the garage door using the control button located on the left‑hand side of the garage door. Use the east door when leaving the garage, as the west garage door leads to the maintenance compound which is locked.


3. Cleaning of Vehicles


All fleet vehicles will be washed after each trip by vehicle maintenance staff, including cleaning the windows inside and out. The carpets and floorboards will be vacuumed and the interior will be wiped down. Vehicles will be waxed as needed, usually twice a year.


Note: Vehicles permanently assigned to members of the maintenance department will be washed by them at least once a week.


4. Servicing, Maintenance and Repair


Each fleet vehicle is checked prior to check-out to insure its readiness. The check includes cleanliness, fluid levels (including gasoline), spare tire, lights, and inspection for obvious body damage and fluid leaks.


All cars and vans used for travel during the winter months are equipped with emergency supplies. Supplies include two army blankets, flares, propane lighters, tire chains, a shovel, a first aid kit, candles, and candy bars. They are stored in a canvas bag in the trunk of the vehicle. Notify the vehicle maintenance department if supplies have been used when you return the vehicle.


Vehicles are serviced at regular intervals: 3,000 miles, 3 months, or after 100 hours of operation, whichever occurs first.


The vehicle maintenance department is responsible for all vehicle maintenance and repair. In-house work includes tune-ups, brake linings, replacing bulbs, installing new tires, tire repair, and other necessary minor repairs. Major repairs are scheduled with local repair shops based on cost effectiveness, quality, and service.


5. Motor Vehicle Fuels and Lubricants


Fuel will be dispensed by the maintenance department. It is available between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A log is maintained which includes entries for identification of the vehicle, mileage, type and amount of fuel, and signature of the person dispensing the fuel.


Keys to the fuel pumps are also issued to the President, the Director of Physical Plant, the Security Coordinator, the Building Maintenance Manager, the Grounds Manager, and the Mailroom Supervisor. After hours fill-ups must also be entered in the log by these individuals.


The vehicle maintenance department is responsible for maintaining appropriate supplies of fuel, lubricating oils, and antifreeze. Control over and dispensing of these materials is the responsibility of the department.


6. Storage and Cleanliness


The department is responsible for parking assignments within the vehicle compound. Appropriate assignments of vehicles to the space available will be made to insure maximum use of the space.


The department is also responsible for the cleanliness of their work area and will develop appropriate cleaning schedules and requirements to insure a clean and safe environment.


7. Small Engine Maintenance and Repair


During the busy season (May through September), a member of the grounds crew is assigned by the grounds manager to perform work on the small engine equipment used in grounds maintenance. This will include service work, repairs, and mechanical adjustments, and will be performed under the overall supervision of the vehicle maintenance department in the garage area.


When grounds equipment is worked on in the vehicle maintenance garage, the following guidelines will apply:


A. Work must be scheduled in advance with the vehicle maintenance supervisor;


B. Equipment must be cleaned before bringing it into the vehicle maintenance area;


C. Tools used during such work must be cleaned and returned to their assigned storage area when the work is completed; and


D. The work area itself must be properly cleaned when project is completed.


Note: Agriculture department equipment, including tractors, trailers, and pickups, is also subject to the above guidelines when required repairs or maintenance must be performed.


8. Wash Bay and High Pressure/Temperature Washer


The high pressure/temperature washer can only be used by persons who have been trained in its use. Vehicle maintenance department personnel are responsible for monitoring its use by students and staff members during normal business hours.


All washing of equipment and vehicles with the high pressure washer must be done within the confines of the wash bay; no washing is to occur in the parking lot or on the approach to the wash bay.


The wash bay must be cleaned, including the walls and floor, after each use by the person using the wash bay.


9. Use of Vehicle Maintenance Garage by Employees


College employees wanting to use the vehicle maintenance garage during off duty hours must:


A. Contact the vehicle maintenance supervisor and schedule in advance the work they desire to complete to avoid conflict with college or student requirements;


B. Sign in and out on the log maintained by the department for such use; and


C. Clean the area used after each personal use.


10. College Bus


The college bus is stored in the vehicle maintenance garage. It is cleaned thoroughly upon the completion of each trip and fueled and inspected prior to the next trip.