SUBJECT - Vouchers and Check Writing


DATE - 1/25/89



1. Introduction


The accounts payable department processes vouchers for payment in a timely and accurate manner.


The vouchers are paid from the following funds:


Current Fund (includes payroll, one mill, continuing education and community services)

Agency Fund

Auxiliary Fund

Plant Fund

Federal Fund

Federal Student Assistant Program Fund


Accounts payable technicians make the appropriate selection of a budget line item against which to charge expenditures.


2. Definitions and Explanations




A. The college expends movies from six different funds:


1) Current Fund (includes payroll, one mill, continuing education and community services)


Pays the expenses for instruction, public service, academic support, student services, institutional support, plant operations, scholarships, one mill, community services, and continuing education.


2) Agency Fund


Pays the expenses for student activities, competitive instructional teams, student club activities, club accounts, and special functions.


3) Auxiliary Fund


Pays for bookstore expenses and cafeteria equipment.


4) Plant Fund


Pays the expenses for capital construction, building additions, site development, and land purchases.


5) Federal Fund


Pays the expenses of federal, state, and other miscellaneous grants and contracts.


6) Federal Student Assistant Program Fund


Pays the expenses for college work study, PELL grants, and SEOG grants.


B. Charts of Accounts


A chart of accounts is a systematic classification of the types of expenditures anticipated by the institution. Types of expenditures are identified by a word or a phrase called a line item.


The form and content of a chart of accounts is arranged to be in agreement with the financial reports to be presented. This classification of expenditures identifies goods and services which are received in return for payment. Object classification provides information to management.


C. Vendor File


The vendor file is the college's list of current and inactive vendors maintained in the accounts payable system.


1) Obtaining access to an individual vendor's information file is accomplished by entering the vendor's number or name. An alphabetized printed copy of the file is also maintained.


2) Data recorded for each vendor includes:


a) The vendor's number

b) The vendor's name or "doing business as" (dba)

c) Address to mail orders to, remit to, and return address

d) Social security number or federal identification number

e) Laramie County Community College vendor account number

f) Vendor phone numbers)

g) Invoiced year-to-date

h) Invoiced prior year

I) Last payment date


D. Purchase Order Requisitions 


A purchase order requisition is a request to purchase goods and/or services.


1) A requisition must be signed by the individual making the request, the appropriate dean, and the purchasing coordinator before the accounts payable department can produce a purchase order voucher.


2) The purchasing coordinator reviews each requisition for verification of the following information before a purchase order voucher is created.


a) The correct fund


b) The cost center and the correct line item from the chart of accounts


c) The compatibility of the item unit and unit cost for every item listed


d) The compatibility of extensions of units and their costs on attachments


e) Vendor number is assigned after verifying vendor information.


3. Vouchers


A voucher is used when procuring equipment, supplies, and services, and preparing an account for payment. There are two voucher forms:


A. A four-page purchase order voucher is initiated by a purchase order requisition.


B. A one-page voucher is used whenever a four-part voucher is not required.


C. An electronic voucher is used for student refunds and financial aid disbursements.


4. Initiating Purchases




A. When ordering goods or services, there are five steps to follow in preparing the voucher from the purchase order requisition.


1) Enter the data from the purchase requisition into the computer to initiate the voucher.


2) Encumber the anticipated cost of the purchase against the appropriate fund and budget line item.


3) Print the purchase order voucher.


4) Acquire the purchasing coordinator's signature on the voucher.


5) Complete and mail the purchase order and supporting documents, if any, to the vendor.




A. Limited purchase orders allow goods and services, under limited circumstances, to be purchased more quickly. The cost may not exceed $500.


The following conditions and instructions are required.


1) The limited purchase orders are obtained from the accounts payable office, where they are entered numerically in the appropriate purchase order journal.


2) The division or department director is accountable for all prenumbered limited purchase orders issued.


3) Each department (or cost center) is issued different numerical sequences.


4) Unused limited purchase orders are to be kept in a safe, locked place.


5) Copies of an initiated limited purchase order are distributed as follows:


a) The original copy is hand carried or mailed to the vendor.


b) The second copy is retained by the department or division.


c) The third copy is sent to the receiving department (or to the accounting department if items are already received).


d) The fourth copy is sent to the accounts payable department with the invoice or packing slip attached.


e) The fifth copy is sent to the purchasing coordinator.




A. Verbal purchase orders are occasionally made under unusual circumstances but are followed up immediately with a confirming purchase order voucher.


5. Preparing a Voucher for Payment


A. For the accounts payable department to complete a vendor's voucher for payment, it is necessary for them to review and approve the following documents.


1) The office copy of the purchase order


2) The receiving department's copy of the purchase order voucher confirming that the goods have been received


3) The packing slip and/or freight bill


4) The invoice or invoices


5) Signatures required:


1) receiving clerk and/or purchaser,

2) director of financial planning and budget, and

3) the program director, if a grant voucher


6) Any other pertinent written data which affect the payment


B. The items ordered, received, and invoiced must agree on each document. When these conditions are met the voucher will be completed and made ready for payment.

NOTE: When a problem occurs, the accounts payable department contacts college personnel and/or the vendor to correct the matter.


6. Voucher Verification Before Payment


All vouchers are subjected to a series of examinations before payment to ensure their validity and correctness.


A. Vouchers are subject to the following final reviews for accuracy.


1) The accounts payable technician's review

2) The cash disbursement journal report is then reviewed by the accounts payable technician.

3) The director of financial planning and budget reviews, signs and dates the voucher.

4) The accounts payable technician enters the warrant number on the voucher.

5) Prior to the board meeting the board treasurer examines each voucher or the check list. The board treasurer presents an opinion to the board which in turn approves the expenditures.


7. Travel Requests


A. The accounts payable department receives every approved travel request and sequentially numbers them. The approved request serves as a purchase order requisition and is the authority for:


1) Allowing prompt reimbursement for submitted receipts of travel expenses incurred on an authorized trip. All expenses must be recorded on the travel request.


a) A travel expense form must be completed with receipts attached and accompany the voucher if the traveler has at least one overnight stay. The traveler must list allowable personal expenses incurred during the trip. The requested expenditures are then reviewed by an accounts payable technician before they are entered on the voucher for



2) Allowing necessary prepayment of registration fees and air fare. These are the only travel expenses the college prepays.


a) Exception: Cash advances are made to cover the cost of meals, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses for student groups accompanied by an advisor. This includes teams, clubs, and field trips. Such cash advances must be arranged for in advance with the accounting office.


8. Computer Check Processing


A. Computerized checks are generated for the following funds.


1) Current Fund

2) Agency Fund

3) Auxiliary Fund

4) Federal Fund

5) Federal Student Assistance Program Fund

6) Plant Fund


B. When processing a check, seven steps are required.


1) Enter the voucher information into the computer.

2) Print the vouchers and match and verify with documentation.

3) Have director of financial planning and budget approve the vouchers.

4) Print the checks.

5) Write the check numbers on the vouchers.

6) The checks are signed by the check protector located in the payroll department.

7) Mail the checks and date the vouchers as to the mail date.