SUBJECT - Albany County Bookstore Charges


DATE - 02/14/97



1. Introduction


The purpose of this procedure is to explain how Laramie County Community College (LCCC) students attending the Albany County Campus are able to purchase books from local bookstores using a voucher for payment.


2. Definitions and Explanations


A. Local bookstores are those bookstores located in the city of Laramie that have agreed to allow LCCC students to charge books using an LCCC Bookstore Charge Authorization.


B. Each bookstore participating in student charges will create an account for LCCC student charges. This account will handle all student charges, but will be separate from an account for Albany County Campus purchases.


1) To charge books to the student account, a student will be required to produce an approved Bookstore Charge Authorization form.


a) The LCCC Financial Aid Office will provide the Albany County  Campus the names of ACC Students authorized to charge  books for each semester.


b) A student wishing to charge books will obtain a Bookstore  Charge Authorization form at the Albany County Campus  office.


c) The student will present the approved form to the local  bookstore for book purchases.


2) Payment will be made to the bookstore upon receipt of the

bookstore's statement, (along with the appropriate copies of the authorization form) by the LCCC Accounting Services office located on the main campus in Cheyenne.


3. Restrictions and process


A. Students receiving financial assistance are the only students eligible to charge books.


1) Albany County Campus personnel authorizing the purchase of books must indicate the source of financial assistance (ie. JTPA, VA, etc.), and the authorized amounts on the authorization form. This information will be provided by the office granting the aid.



B. The authorization form copies will be distributed as follows:


1) The gold copy of the authorization form is retained by the Albany County Campus office.


2) Once the books have been purchased, the pink and yellow copies of the charge authorization are sent to Accounting Services along with a bookstore statement.


a) Bookstore charges are posted to individual student accounts by LCCC Accounting Services personnel. The pink copy of the charge authorization and copies of bookstore invoices are forwarded either to the office granting the aid (ie. JTPA) or to the Sponsor Charges office for the processing of an award in the amount of the book purchase.


b) The yellow copy of the charge authorization form is kept on file in Accounting Services, and serves as back up for payment. Payment is made to the bookstore based on the charge authorizations, invoices, and an itemized statement.


3) The white copy of the authorization form is retained by the vendor.