Laramie County Community College



SUBJECT Independent study



Number - 6170



I. Purpose:


To provide advanced students or students with extenuating circumstances the opportunity to study for credit when traditional participation in a class is not preferred or feasible.


II. Procedure:


A. Procedure for taking a course by Independent Study when such course listed in the schedule.

1. A student may enroll for independent study in most disciplines. Independent Study is closely supervised by the appropriate instructor and courses must be applicable to the student's goals.


Courses numbered 198 denote freshman work.

Courses numbered 298 denote sophomore work.


2. If so indicated in the schedule, certain Independent Study courses are offered to students who have completed prior courses in the discipline and who have the consent of the instructor.


3. A mutually agreed upon contract is required between the student and the instructor which parallels the standard course outline format, setting out the course description, learning objectives, requirements, time line for completion, and grading considerations. A copy of this contract must be approved by and filed with the division director before course work begins. One copy is given to the student and the instructor keeps one copy.


B. Procedure for taking a course by Independent Study when such course is not listed in the schedule.


1. A student may request an Independent Study from a particular instructor or a division director, who will direct the student to the appropriate instructor.


2. Such a course will be offered only after the mutual consent of the student and the instructor has been obtained, a contract has been devised and approval has been granted by the division director.


3. If the request is approved, the appropriate division director will establish a section number for the course and notify the dean of instruction's office, who will enter the section in the appropriate schedule file.


4. Normally, no salary or workload credits is granted to an instructor for supervising an Independent Study course .