Laramie County Community College




SUBJECT -  Warren Air Force Base 



NUMBER - 6191


I. Introduction


Credit courses are offered to military personnel, their dependents, and civilians from the college's service area on Francis E. Warren Air Force Base (F.E. WAFB). Courses are scheduled to allow the maximum number of credits to military personnel while stationed at F. E. Warren Air Force Base. When developing LCCC classes scheduled for WAFB, priority consideration is given to the needs of the military student.


II. Curriculum Development


A. Course Selection

1. The following factors are considered when selecting credit classes for F. E. Warren Air Force Base: classes must be included in the degree program approved for the base, as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding between Laramie County Community College and F. E. Warren Air Force Base, and must be listed within the degree program as outlined in the LCCC Catalog.

2. Program Development

a. Programs are identified by means of the assessment-needs survey conducted by the F. E. Warren A. F. B. Education Office Staff of the military members assigned to the base and the needs of the military establishment.

b. Programs may also be identified by the LCCC Base Coordinator, Dean of Instruction, or the appropriate division director through formal and informal needs assessments tools, student input, enrollment performance of classes offered during the previous semesters and needs of the military establishment.

B. Calendar Development

1. Classes starting in August (Term I), January (Term III), and June (Term V) coincide with the on-campus starting dates for credit classes.

2. Eight-week classes starting in October (Term II) and March (Term IV) are scheduled to end in December and May when on‑campus classes end.

3. Courses on F. E. Warren A. F. B. coincide with the campus holidays. Those campus holidays, which are honored by the military community, but not by the college, are scheduled as holidays and classroom time is adjusted to ensure that the required minimum number of minutes is attained.

C. Schedule Development

1. A matrix of courses is developed on a yearly basis by the LCCC Base Coordinator in consultation with the Dean of Instruction and division directors based on previous class enrollments, sequence of classes to acquire a degree, and/or requests from the students or other institutions located on F. E. Warren A. F. B. and as directed by the Memorandum of Understanding.

2. Specific courses may be repeated from semester to semester (Term to Term) dependent on the needs of the student population (e.g., English, mathematics, etc.).

D. Class Length

1. Course scheduling is designed to meet the specific needs of military members. While the minimum number of minutes required per class is identical to those of on-campus classes, the courses are scheduled to enable the military students to complete a maximum number of classes while assigned to F. E. Warren A. F. B. The typical military member is assigned to the base for approximately three years.

2. LCCC offers credit courses on F. E. Warren A. F. B. in the following class structures:

a. Eight-week classes.

b. Traditional sixteen-week or semester-length classes are utilized for coursework that typically requires a longer period for learning (e.g., calculus, accounting).

c. Weekend classes.

d. Rotating classes. This scheduling technique is used when a work schedule does not permit traditional scheduling. For example, week 1 the class meets Monday and Tuesday, week 2 the class meets Wednesday and Thursday, week 3 the class meets Friday and Saturday, etc.

E. Course Cancellations

1. Upon completion of normal registration, an analysis is made to determine if a class is to be held as scheduled or canceled.

a. If the class has ten or more students, the class will meet as scheduled.

b. If the class has fewer than ten students, the LCCC representative coordinates with the appropriate campus division director and makes a recommendation to cancel the class or gain a waiver for the "less than ten students" requirement. The decision to cancel a class is the division director's responsibility.

c. If the class is canceled, the LCCC Base Coordinator contacts and informs each student involved. Notification of the instructor is the responsibility of the LCCC Base Coordinator who also notifies the appropriate division director.

d. Refunds for canceled credit classes are processed in accordance with those procedures set forth by the Director of Student Records and stated in the college catalog.

2. A class may be canceled because of the lack of availability of a qualified instructor.

3. Classes which need specialized facilities such as computer labs, science labs, etc., are scheduled on the LCCC campus.

F. Evaluation of Instruction

1. Evaluation of the courses offered on F. E. Warren A. F. B. is accomplished through the following mechanisms:

a. Student evaluation is provided for each student as stated in LCCC's Policies/Procedure #6620 on Evaluation. The evaluation process and instrument are identical to the one utilized on the LCCC campus. The LCCC Base Coordinator distributes and collects these evaluations in accordance with the procedures set forth by LCCC.

b. In addition, the total student enrollment in a particular class versus the number of drops in the class is reviewed along with the class average enrollments in determining the effectiveness of the class.


III. Academic Standards


A. Credit Programs

1. Credit offerings at F. E. Warren A. F. B. maintain the same academic standards as those offered on campus.

2. Students and instructors are required to maintain the student rights and responsibilities as stated in the LCCC Student Handbook.

3. Registration procedures utilized on F. E. Warren A. F. B. are identical to those on campus.

a. Phone-in registration is accomplished by telephoning the special on-campus phone-in number only during the days and times indicated in the schedule.

b. Walk-in registration is accomplished on the days and times advertised and publicized in the schedule.

c. If a military student seeks tuition assistance, he/she must complete the Air Force Tuition Assistance Form and have approval by the Base Education Services Office (ESO) or the designated official representative prior to registering for a class.

d. The LCCC Base Coordinator reviews the registration forms completed by the military student seeking government Tuition. Assistance to ensure the completion of the appropriate paperwork.

e. The Records Office copy of the registration form is returned to the Director of Student Records. The collected tuition fees, the business copy of the registration forms, and the approved Tuition Assistance Forms are turned in to the campus Business Office.

f. Class "drop" actions may be completed by the student at Student Records on campus or at the F. E. Warren Education Center. When completed at the Education Center, the LCCC Base Coordinator enters the data into the computer. The hard copy is delivered to the Student Records Office on campus. A copy of the form is also provided to the Base Education Office and to the student. Class drop dates are the same as on-campus dates for any given semester.

g. Placement tests for LCCC mathematics, reading and English are administered at the base by the F. E. Warren A. F. B. Education Staff Testing Specialist. The answer sheets are then evaluated by the appropriate department at LCCC and recorded. To obtain their test results, students contact the Counseling and Testing Center at LCCC or the LCCC Base Coordinator.

B. Tuition Waivers

1. The Air Force form granting tuition assistance is attached to the finance copy of the registration form. Information, to include the tuition assistance document number, dollar amount, and percentage of the waiver for each student involved is entered into the computer by the LCCC Base Coordinator.

2. The campus Business Office prepares an invoice from the above referenced information and forwards the invoice to the Air Force Finance Office at F. E. Warren A. F. B. for payment.

C. Advising

1. WAFB students are normally advised by the LCCC Base Coordinator in accordance with Procedure #6510.

2. When necessary, students are referred either to LCCC's counseling area for advising or to an on‑campus adviser depending on their major.


IV. Faculty, Instructional Staff, Civilian Students


1. Policies and procedures used on the LCCC campus are applicable to the F. E. Warren A. F. B. program instructors. The LCCC division directors approve/hire the instructors for credit classes within their disciplines.


2. The following guidelines apply to the civilian students enrolled in the LCCC credit classes being conducted on F. E. Warren A.F.B.:

a. For the first class session, the LCCC Base Coordinator meets the civilian students at the F. E. Warren A. F. B. main gate (Randall Avenue) at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the first class. The students are escorted to their classroom, departing the main gate five minutes prior to the start of their class.

b. The LCCC Base Coordinator issues temporary base passes to the civilian students. These passes are valid for the duration of the class. If a student does not register before the first class session, he/she must contact the LCCC Base Coordinator to make arrangements to gain access to the base. These arrangements are completed on an individual basis.

c. For the first class session, instructors for the classes conducted on the base are met at the main gate and escorted to their classroom. They are issued base passes similar to those issued to the student. The instructors are provided with a class roster, given information on how to contact the LCCC Base Coordinator for classroom aids, etc.

d. During the first class, the LCCC Base Coordinator gives verbal instructions to the instructor and students pertaining to the base driving regulations, the wearing of proper dress/attire, classroom behavior, no smoking policy, etc., and answers questions from the instructor and students.

e. Civilian are subject to all rules and regulations governing visitors while on Warren Air Force Base.

A. Instructional Support

1. Textbooks are ordered through the division directors. A copy of the courses scheduled on F. E. Warren A. F. B. is provided to the LCCC Bookstore to verify that textbooks for a particular class have been ordered.

2. Textbooks for an on-base class may be purchased by the student at the LCCC Bookstore.

B. Securing Classrooms

1. Each instructor is given a key to his/her assigned classroom. Instructors are informed to secure the windows, turn off the lights and lock the door at the end of each class.

C. Duplication Services

1. Instructors must submit material to be duplicated to the appropriate division director's secretary or to the Base Coordinator as soon as their copy requirement is known.

2. Material is printed in accordance with the procedures set forth by the LCCC Media Production Office.

3. The LCCC Base Coordinator picks up the completed material when notified of its completion and delivers it to the instructor.

D. Audio‑Visual

Instructors are asked to give 24 hours notice to the LCCC Base Coordinator when they need audio-visual equipment for class.


V. School Closures


A. Campus Closures

Cancellation of classes of the LCCC campus also cancels classes held on F.E. Warren A. F. B.

B. Base Closures

When the base is closed, LCCC classes held on base are automatically canceled.


VI. Emergencies


A. If a student must be contacted for a valid emergency, the caller must contact the Security Police Law Enforcement Desk, telephone 775-3501 or 775-3502. A security policeman will be dispatched to notify the student.


VII. LCCC Base Coordinator's Office Hours


A. Normal office hours for the LCCC Base Coordinator are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

B. Lunch is taken at 11:30 a.m. or 12:00 p.m., except when meetings are

scheduled or students are in the office.