SUBJECT - Continuing Education Units



NUMBER - 6197


I. Definition


A continuing education unit is a certified unit of study. It is determined by dividing the total contact hours of a course by ten (10) (e.g., 24 hours divided by 10 = 2.4).


II. Responsibility for CEUs


A. Continuing Education/Community Services

1. CE Department determines what courses are offered for CEUs.

2. Indicates approved courses in the course description.

3. The smallest increment awarded is .5 (5 contact hours).

4. Upon request, the CE/CS office sends a form to the participant and/or employer stating designated number of CEUs completed.

5. The CEU identification form is signed by the Director of Continuing Education or a designated representative (see attached form) to indicate successful course completion.

6. In certain instances, a selected agency's (i.e., State Department of Education, Wyoming Bar Association, etc.) permission and authorization may be required to provide CEUs to specialized groups. In this case, the CE/CS office will submit all necessary paperwork to comply with a particular agency's requirements.

B. Participants

1. It is the participant's responsibility to confirm with his/her employer and/or accrediting agency that LCCC CEUs apply to his/her situation.

2. Participant informs the instructor at the first class regarding his/her desire to receive CEUs for participation. Requests for CEUs will not be granted if requests are received after the class is completed.

C. Instructor

1. Instructor maintains an attendance record to verify that the student completes the course requirements (i.e., attendance, completion of assignments).

2. Upon successful completion of the course, the instructor provides the CE/CS office with a list of names of students who successfully completed the designated course and who requested a CEU.