SUBJECT - Final Course Examinations



NUMBER - 6340


I. Purpose


To provide guidance in the giving and taking of end-of-course examinations for credit courses taught by instructors at Laramie County Community College.


II. Procedure


A. Class periods during finals week are recognized as instructional time; therefore, each instructor is required to meet with his/her class at the time and date scheduled for final examination for each class taught.

B. In certain courses or classes, if approved by the division director, students may be permitted to take the final examination early upon completion of all prerequisites in any such course or class.

C. Early examinations in courses may be given in some situations. Requests from a student for an early examination should be handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the instructor.

D. Any student who receives an "I" incomplete must complete the course requirements by the "due date" agreed on by both the instructor and the student in the incomplete contract. The maximum allowable "due date" is one calendar year from the last day of finals. Any deviation from this procedure will be determined by the instructor and the division director.

E. Late or deferred examinations may be permitted under emergency circumstances by filing an "I" incomplete.