SUBJECT - Initiating/Awarding Certificates






I. Purpose


To design a procedure for initiating and awarding certificates.


II. Procedure


A. A certificate is awarded after the successful completion of a prescribed number of courses that have been approved by the Instructional Advisory Council and the dean of instruction.

B. The process in initiating the certificate shall include:

1. The certificate is initiated in response to identified community or regional need.

2. When appropriate, a formal needs assessment is conducted to determine community and/or regional needs.

3. A certificate program advisory committee, composed of appropriate community/regional representatives and affected program faculty and director, will:

a. articulate the certificate purpose and objectives.

b. design the courses for the certificate.

c. establish the length of the certificate program. d. establish any other necessary guidelines or information  needed to explain or justify the proposed certificate  program. e. compile the above #1‑4 into a certificate program proposal document.

C. The completed document is reviewed and approved by the following entities:

1. The appropriate faculty and director of the division where the certificate originates.

2. The Instructional Advisory Council.

3. The Dean of Instruction.

4. President's Staff.

5. Board of Trustees.

6. The Wyoming Community College Commission, as appropriate.