SUBJECT - Adjunct Faculty Recognition Selection Process



NUMBER - 6610



I. Purpose:


To select an adjunct faculty member from each instructional division and the Division of Continuing Education/Community Services for recognition at the end of each academic year.


II. Definition:


For the purposes of this recognition, adjunct faculty are those who teach at LCCC solely on a course-by-course assignment or counselors who teach as part of their contractual assignment. Full-time faculty or administrators teaching overloads are not to be considered.


III. Procedure:


A. After mid-term of each spring semester, each division director will prepare a list of all adjunct faculty members who taught in his/her division during the academic year. The list should indicate the subject matter taught.

B. The list of adjunct faculty will be circulated to the full-time faculty for their information and consideration. Each division director will select three adjunct faculty by ballot or consensus of full-time faculty.

C. By the end of the first week in April the division director will review with the dean of instruction the most recent student evaluations for each of the three adjunct faculty to verify the highest ranking adjunct faculty in each division. (These evaluations are confidential and will be seen by the division director and the dean only.)

D. The dean of instruction or his/her designee will compile the list of the seven adjunct finalists and order the appropriate plaques.

E. The cost of the plaques for adjunct faculty recognition will come from the Faculty Senate budget.

F. Each division director will write a brief paragraph about the outstanding adjunct faculty in his/her division which indicates degrees or training, years of teaching at LCCC, subject matter taught, and one descriptive, complimentary sentence. These paragraphs must not exceed 75 words and should be given to the dean of instruction or his/her designee so the description may be incorporated into an award ceremony, if appropriate. These awards will not be a part of the graduation exercises.

G. The name of the selected adjunct faculty will be kept confidential, so as to provide an element of surprise at the award ceremony. However, each division director should notify the chosen adjunct faculty and ensure that he/she attends the award ceremony to receive the plaque. The adjunct should be asked to maintain confidentiality except to family members who might attend the ceremony.