SUBJECT - Student Evaluation of Instruction



NUMBER - 6620



I. Purpose


To enhance excellence in education for students, promote individual faculty professional growth and development, support decisions involving faculty retention, provide a workable context for effective human resource planning, and foster open and productive communication.



Student evaluation of instruction consists of students completing a Student Instructional Evaluation Form containing evaluative statements and a section for comments (see attached). Division directors share the results with the faculty being evaluated.


II. Procedure


A. Faculty Status and Frequency of Evaluation:

1. First year, full-time teaching faculty will have all of their classes evaluated by students.

2. First-time, adjunct faculty will have all of their classes evaluated by students.

3. Returning, full-time teaching faculty will have a minimum of two classes evaluated by students each academic year. One class will be selected by the faculty person and the other may be selected by the division director.

4. Returning adjunct faculty will have a minimum of one of their classes evaluated by students each semester or academic year.

B. Normally, student evaluations of instruction should be administered during the second half of the course.

C. Student evaluations of instruction must be administered by the division director or a designee (not a faculty person).

D. After the end of the course, tabulated results and typed comments (derived from the evaluation forms) will be shared with the instructors. Copies of the evaluation results will be kept under proper security by the division director.

E. In addition to sharing evaluation results with instructors, the division director will forward department and division averages to the Dean of Instruction.

F. As warranted, evaluation results may be shared with other appropriate college administrators.

G. Individuals administering student evaluations of instruction (evaluating classes) must adhere to the following instructions:

Evaluations are to be administered at a time during the class session which is least disruptive of the instructional process. The instructor is not to be present in the room when the evaluation takes place.

1. Distribute one Student Instructional Evaluation Form and one computer answer sheet to each student. Also distribute, if necessary, instructor designed statements.

2. Distribute #2 pencils as needed. Note: All responses on the computer answer sheet must be in pencil (not ink).

3. Instruct the students to complete information on the response form. Evaluator should write the course ID number which identifies course and section number and instructor's name on the chalkboard.

4. Students are to blacken the appropriate number under each box and write the instructor's name in the upper right corner of the computer answer sheet.

5. Students should be instructed to read the "Marking Directions" section on the computer answer sheet.

6. Students are to read the instructions at the top of the evaluation form and are to fill in only one response per statement on the answer sheet. More than one response invalidates the item.

7. Comments about the course and the instructor are to be recorded on the reverse side of the Student Instructional Evaluation form.

8. Read the statement" Student evaluations of instruction at LCCC are conducted primarily to improve instruction. You can be of great assistance in helping your instructor do a better job by being honest and fair in this evaluation. You are especially encouraged to make written comments about the instruction you received in this class. Your responses will in no way affect your grade because instructors will receive tabulated results and typed evaluation comments, only after the semester has ended. A section is provided on the back of the evaluation form for comments."

9. After allowing approximately fifteen minutes, collect the forms, answer sheets, and optional statement pages and place them in a marked envelope with the following information in the upper left corner course identification number, course title, name of instructor, and division name. Return the envelope to the division office. [The division secretary will check for accuracy the darkened circles under "Identification Number" on the answer sheet.]

H. Confidentiality of evaluation results: At all times, evaluation results must be stored appropriately and securely. They may be shared only with authorized personnel. Division secretaries will type student comments and will take the completed answer sheets to the computer center for tabulation. No later than one week before the end of the semester, tabulated results, which are securely stored in the computer center, are collected by division secretaries and processed by the division director.

I. The original computer answer sheets and the Student Instructional Evaluation Forms shall be retained by each division director for a minimum of one year.

J. Evaluation summaries and typed comments shall be retained for a minimum of five years.