SUBJECT - Use of Facilities



NUMBER - 6741



I. Introduction


Laramie County Community College makes appropriate facilities and equipment available to individuals, organizations, governmental agencies, businesses, industries, and employees as long as such use does not interfere with the college's instructional programs.


Priorities for use of campus facilities are:

A. LCCC instructional programs;

B. LCCC affiliated activities (see below);

C. Individuals/groups/organizations who pay fees but are not directly affiliated or associated with the college;

D. Other: board members, benefited employees and members of their immediate family, as follows: spouse, children, parents, brothers, and sisters.


III. Rental and Other Service Charges:


A. Charges are determined by which facilities and equipment will be used, nature of the activity, time and duration of the activity, extra costs to the college for services provided, and reciprocal benefits afforded the college by the requesting groups. (See appendix for rate fees).


1. LCCC affiliated activities are not required to pay for the costs of facilities. These affiliated groups are:

a. Student organizations (see Procedure #5954) recognized by LCCC that have formally approved applications on file with the Director of Student Life;

b. Laramie County School Districts #1 and #2;

c. University of Wyoming credit classes;

d. Regis University credit classes;

e. Cheyenne Parks and Recreation;

f. College employees.

g. College approved booster clubs (see Procedure #5955).


2. Individuals, groups, and activities not associated with the college are required to pay for the rental of facilities, extended classroom usage, audio/visual equipment, building attendant, security, custodians, and provide a certificate of insurance.


a. The fees in the appendix identified are minimum charges for the space and/or equipment provided.

b. Additional charges may be incurred for special setups, equipment used, or additional services.


IV. Scheduling of Facilities


A. Master Schedules

1. A master room schedule is maintained in the dean of instruction's office. This room schedule book is the final authority on the use of LCCC facilities. Instructional credit programs are scheduled through the secretary to the dean of instruction, while continuing education/community service classes are scheduled through the secretary to the director of continuing education and community service. All changes for instructional classroom assignments must be made through the dean of instruction's office or the coordinator of campus facilities.


Exceptions to room scheduling:


(a) The Center for Conferences and Institutes is scheduled through the coordinator of campus facilities. Due to the unique design of the facility, no credit classes are scheduled in CCI rooms 121,122, 123, 124, 125, 129, and 130;

(b) The board room in the administration building is scheduled through the president's secretary; and

(c) equine studies and agriculture lab facilities are scheduled through an Agriculture and Mechanical Trades Division representative.


2. Rooms which cannot be scheduled for other than credit use because of certain restrictions will be so indicated in the master schedule book in the dean of instruction's office (e.g., computer labs with federal restrictions, hazardous equipment or materials, or specially designated functions).


B. Reserving facilities

1. Reservations by college, community, and private groups are made on a first‑come, first-served basis by contacting the coordinator of campus facilities or designee. Activities can be scheduled no more than one semester in advance.

2. The appropriate reservation form is completed by the coordinator of campus facilities or designee (see appendix).

a. Representatives of campus-affiliated activities can make reservations via telephone.

b. Outside groups may make telephone reservations but are required to sign and return use of facilities forms to confirm their reservation.


C. Non-Affiliated Groups Needing a Certificate of Insurance:

1. Groups/individuals will be asked to contact their insurance carrier to have a certificate of insurance sent and kept on file in the coordinator of campus facilities' office before the activity. In addition, all groups will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement on the reservation form.


D. The coordinator of campus facilities or designee arranges for use of college equipment. Users are required to contact Morrison Custom Management for food service.


E. Events and/or activities which involve spectators, athletic endeavors, or expensive equipment will require security coverage as determined by the security office and coordinator of campus facilities office. The LCCC's security department coordinates security coverage with representatives of the event and/or activity.


F. If the coordinator of campus facilities determines that standby emergency services are required, the user will be asked to make appropriate arrangements.


V. Conditions for Use of Facilities


A. Lobbies, halls and entrances of buildings will be free from obstructions during events to permit complete ingress and egress.


B. Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas.


C. Animals will be permitted only in designated areas and within appropriate      

procedures concerning animals.


D. The user will not sell, raffle, donate, give away or barter for any alcoholic beverages or permit the presence or consumption of alcoholic beverages on college property.


E. Food, beverages and smoking are allowed only in designated areas.


F. Children (12 and under) must remain with their parents/responsible adult and be properly supervised at all times.


G. Rules may be posted in individual facilities and must be adhered to by the group/individual using that facility. A copy of these rules are filed in the coordinator of campus facilities office. Each facility is responsible for providing users with a copy of the rules for their area.


H. The user agrees to conform with all state and local statutes regarding use of college facilities, as well as rules posted in each facility.


1. All groups/individuals utilizing LCCC facilities, both college-affiliated and non-college groups, will be assessed damage fees for any equipment or facilities damaged by a group's and/or individual's use.


J. LCCC reserves the right to approve or deny use of facilities and equipment.


VI. Facility Usage by Benefited Employees


A. Those requesting use of facilities are required to complete a Usage Reservation Form available from the coordinator of campus facilities.

The use of college facilities for leisure time and non-profit activities is a privilege extended to board members, full­time employees, and members of their immediate family, as follows: spouse, children, parents, brothers, and sisters. If planned activity includes others besides those specified family members, the procedures outlined in facility usage by non-affiliated groups shall be followed.


B. The Usage Reservation Form includes the following information:

1. Written permission of use by the director or administrator of the intended area of use.

2. Written permission of the area supervisor, instructor, and/or division director when special equipment is involved.

3. Dates)/times of use of the facilities.

4. Signature of the coordinator of campus facilities or designee.

5. Purpose of the request.

6. Facilities/equipment to be used.

7. Number of people who will be using the facility.


C. A completed copy of the usage reservation form will be forwarded to LCCC's security office.


D. Division director/area supervisors of the facility to whom the initial request is made will decide on any requests for use of equipment and/or rooms in their supervised areas. When requesting specialized equipment (e.g., car painting booth), the requestor must be informed/instructed on the use of the area and/or its equipment by the appropriate instructor or area supervisor.


E. Due to potential danger the LCCC swimming pool is excluded from personal use other than during posted swimming hours.


F. The individual who makes the request for equipment or facilities reservation is responsible for the equipment used. In case of damage or breakage of equipment, said requestor is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of said equipment.


G. The requestor is responsible for cleanup of area after use.


H. Under no circumstances shall requestors be permitted to utilize an area without proper supervision by the benefited employee.


I. Usage of facilities is not available when the college campus is officially closed for holidays or emergencies.


J. Personnel using college facilities do so at their own risk. The college shall not be liable­ for any accident, injury, theft or loss.


K. Employees who use their personal work area between 10 p.m. and 7 am. Monday through Friday or between 6 p.m. Friday and 7 am. Monday are required to call the Security Pager Number, 637-9338, leave their name, the area in which they are working, and how long they will be there. The calls will be monitored by the security person on duty.


VII. Use of College Equipment by Employees


A. Some equipment is available to benefited college employees and board members for instructional-related use. Area supervisor and/or college administrators will decide if special equipment may be used. Equipment log sheets are available from each respective division director and/or area supervisor. Equipment log sheets are completed and held on file by the division director and/or area supervisor.


B. Vehicles and heavy equipment cannot be checked out for personal use.


VIII. Vendors on Campus


A. All vendors must apply for a usage permit to use LCCC facilities.


B. All food vendors must receive prior approval from Morrison Custom Management. Vendors must meet all health requirements established by the Laramie County Environmental Health Department.


C. All vendors must pay a rental fee, have in their possession an LCCC usage permit, and provide a certificate of insurance to operate on LCCC premises, when deemed necessary.


IX. Physical Education Building and College Arena


A. The coordinator of campus facilities will work with the coordinator of physical education and director of agriculture and mechanical trades when scheduling the use of the physical education complex and college arena to determine custodial, building attendant, and security needs for outside groups/individuals using the facilities.


B. The coordinator of campus facilities will then work with appropriate LCCC staff to ensure appropriate provision of custodial, building attendant, and security needs.


X. Cancellations and Emergency Closure of the College


A. Any group with a reservation to use facilities must contact the coordinator of campus facilities or designee to cancel an event two working days in advance of the scheduled event. A service charge of 20% of the bill may be assessed to a group/agency/individual for not canceling reservations in a timely manor.





XI. Overnight Camping on the LCCC Campus


A. Individuals or groups may not camp overnight in recreational vehicles, tents, trailers, etc, without approval by the coordinator of campus facilities.


B. The coordinator of campus facilities will ensure requests for overnight stays meet the requirements established by the Laramie County Environmental Health Department and Wyoming statutes governing motor and campground standards.