SUBJECT - Colleague Users Group


DATE - 10/22/98

NUMBER - 6769



I. Purpose


A. The Colleague Users Group (CUG) maintains a representational group of college employees whose general charge (mission) is to initiate, support, resolve, and discuss computer issues related to the administrative computer system (Colleague and DEC) at LCCC.


B. This is accomplished by planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating activities such as, but not limited to:


1. Colleague software, Unidata database, Unix operating system, and DEC hardware upgrades

2. Policies and procedures affected by Colleague's functionality

3. Training end users

4. Resolving integration data problems

5. Making recommendations to administration


II. Membership


A. The Colleague Users Group is an operational committee composed of at least one person from each of the following areas:


1. Accounting Services

2. Business Services

3. Faculty Member

4. Continuing Education/Community Services

5. Vice President of Instruction

6. Financial Aid

7. Human Resources

8. Integrated Technology Services

9. Enrollment Management


B. There are no restrictions to length of service on this committee.


C. Due to the nature of this committee and the decision making involved, key Colleague users in each service area are asked to represent their areas. Any employee is welcome to attend meetings.


III. Meetings


Meetings are scheduled monthly or as appropriate. Agenda items are solicited from each member prior to the meeting with an agenda distributed at the meeting. Minutes are taken and then distributed to all members and are available upon request.


IV. Committee Chair


The committee chair is annually elected from the membership in the fall.