SUBJECT - Computing Advisory Committee






I. Introduction


The Computing Advisory Committee (CAC) is a computing advocacy body composed of representatives from each major operational area on the LCCC campus. Representatives of CAC are chosen by their respective operational areas.


II. The committee is advisory to the Dean of Instruction regarding instructional computing and to the President's Staff regarding administrative computing.


III. Purpose


A. Provide advocacy and develop consensus regarding LCCC computing needs, including, but not limited to, recommendations for faculty/staff development; hardware/software evaluation, acquisition, and maintenance; coordination of equipment purchase and use; development/design of computing facilities; promotion of relevant, effective computer/peripheral use in all phases of LCCC operations.


B. Develop recommendations for:


1. Designation of student high tech fees prior to allocations of fees.


2. Regular communication to the Computing Advisory Committee from LCCC President's Staff, Business Office and Instructional Advisory Council regarding the establishment of priorities' decisions and expenditures of student high tech fees.


3. Coordination of computer/peripheral/software acquisitions, placement, and updating.


4. Maximizing of computer resources.


5. Achieving and maintaining state-of-the-art computer configurations (equipment/facilities/software/design and implementation of programs) within existing financial constraints.


6. A long-range plan for LCCC computing including:

a. Short- and long-range strategies.

b. Broad input from all LCCC constituencies.

c. Ongoing evaluation of computing at LCCC.

d. Consideration of significant national trends in collegiate, business, and industry computing.

e. Consideration of hardware/software evolution, reliability, durability, and maintenance factors.

                                 f. Network configurations which most effectively address LCCC

                   computing needs.

                                 g. Relevant facilities needs. 

h. Maintenance requirements. 

i. Internal and external marketing of computing resources. 

j. Continuous revision to accommodate changing environmental factors.


7. Inservice activities for faculty and staff, including:

a. Introduction to computers and software.

b. Upgrading and retraining activities.

c. Exposure to new hard and software.

d. Sharing of LCCC faculty/staff expertise.

e. Stimulating increasingly relevant, effective use of computers.

f. Accessing and using institutional and other databases.

g. Elements of computer use which are most productive of desired student/institutional outcomes.

h. Other activities as appropriate.


C. Review all computer requests/proposals and submit them to the appropriate deans aid the President's Staff.


D. The CAC works closely with other committees such as EXCEL on matters dealing with faculty development and inservice training.