SUBJECT - Advisory Committees


DATE - 5/29/90




I. Purpose


To establish advisory committees consisting of members from business, industry, interest groups, governmental agencies, and from the community at large to provide advice and assistance to the college for specific program areas.


II. Procedure


A. Advisory committees are a large enough sampling of business, industry, governmental agencies, interest groups, or the community at large to be viable, but small enough to permit active participation in the discussions of problems and concerns and in the formulation of recommendations. Five to seven members is recommended.


B. Advisory committees reflect, where practical, the defined service area with representation from ethnic groups, diverse income levels and age groups, the disabled, and both genders.


C. Advisory committee members will be selected with the following criteria in mind:


1. Appropriate expertise/experience related to the LCCC program.

2. Commitment to active committee participation.

3. Commitment to program improvement.

4. Ability to function effectively and cooperatively as a member.


D. Membership is for a staggered three-year period of time with possible reappointment for additional terms.


E. Appropriate administrators, faculty, and/or committee members develop a list of potential members for the advisory committee. The Dean selects members from this list and submits the list to the Vice President of Instruction.


F. The Vice President of Instruction prepares letters of confirmation for the President's signature and for his final approval of the new committee members chosen to serve on the advisory committee for the academic term.


G. All advisory committees prepare meeting agendas and minutes and meet at least once per year. Minutes are submitted to members and to the Vice President of Instruction.


H. Each advisory committee selects a chairperson and any other appropriate officer(s). College personnel are requested not to serve in these positions.